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This page includes a list of currently known MCC system issues and MCC system release notes.

MCC Known Issues

Review the known issues document to learn about identified MCC system issues and any workarounds. If you have other issues to report, send them to the Support Desk at ProgramSupport@MilitaryChildCare.com.

MCC Known Issues 20231216

MCC Release Notes

Review the MCC program release notes to understand the new system features and improvements for each system update.

Release Release Date Technical Notes Highlights
2.4.3 16 December 2023



  • Program Create Account Updates: The password and security question requirements have been removed for all program user accounts, except for FCC providers.

  • SAC Grade Limit Updates: Per the DoDi definition, school age care options are limited to grades K through 6.

  • MCCYN Updates 

    • Sponsor & spouse filters have been added to the Placement List. 

    • A ‘Select all’ option has been added to the Make Offer list. 

2.4.2 28 September 2023 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.4.2
  • Filter fields have been added to the MCCYN provider resource list.
  • The provider resource link on the MCCYN Registration Record directs families to the MCC Public site when searching for MCCYN and MCCYN Plus participating providers.
2.4.1 19 August 2023 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.4.1
  • Families will be presented with informational videos 1) when making a request for the Child Care in Your Home (CCYH) program and 2) once a CCYH offer has been received. The videos highlight the key components of the CCYH program.
  • The ‘On the Cusp’ rules have been modified and infants who are 11 months old will no longer display on the pretoddler Make Offer List and Waitlist. They will show once they are a pretoddler at 12 months of age.
  • A notification will be sent to MCC Coordinators/Backup Coordinators and/or the Fee Assistance Team to determine if a family should receive Installation Command approval to be prioritized as CRWW. The email will include the Sponsor’s Name and the Installation(s) and/or MCCYN program(s) where the family placed a request.
2.4 15 May 2023 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.4
  • Summer camp initial offer window added for family awareness
  • Combat-Related Wounded Warrior approval process updates
  • Updated FCC Program default photo displayed in a family’s search results
  • Reactivation of Interview Process and Children in the Interview Process reports
  • Update of Guard and Reserve on Active Duty sponsor type
  • MCCYN Program updates to support US Secret Service and USMC and Air Force Civilians
  • Updates to support the Navy Drilling Reservist Weekend Child Care program
  • Updates to the MCCYN provider list shown to families in Find Care and Manage Care
  • MCCYN programs now display at the top of a family’s search results, below the FCC Program
2.3.3 7 April 2023 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.3.3
  • Families with a Sponsor or Spouse who work as a DoD Civilian in a DoD Agency or Field Office will now indicate their Total Family Income (TFI) range in their Household Profile. TFI is collected to help MCC match families with all programs that may be available.
  • Families with a Sponsor or Spouse who work as a DoD Civilian not associated to a specific service can now identify which agency they work for. The following selections are available:
    • Defense Logistics Agency
    • National Reconnaissance Office
    • Office of Net Assessment
    • Other Defense Agency or Field Activity
  • DoD has expanded MCCYN to assist DoD civilians not affiliated with a Service. Eligible families can use MCC to search for and request MCCYN. For additional information on the program and eligibility requirements visit the MCC homepages: www.militarychildcare.com/mccyn/civilian
2.3.2 27 January 2023 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.3.2
  • Families eligible for more than one MCCYN program based on their sponsor and spouse details may request both when searching for and requesting care. If they accept an offer for one program, the system will cancel the request for the other and send them a notification.
  • Families with an MCCYN request updating their family type to one that is not eligible for the program will receive a notification letting them know they are no longer eligible. The family will have two business days to update their family type, if applicable, before the system cancels the request.
  • A new Alternate Contact email field has been added to the Household Profile. Families can elect to have the system send their alternate notifications on their behalf. The alternate contact will not be able to access the family’s account.
2.3.1 17 December 2022 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.3.1

Updates to reflect the name change from In-Home Child Care Pilot to Child Care In Your Home:

  • Name of the existing ‘View In-Home Information’ link
  • Modal title and informational text within the modal when ‘View Child Care in Your Home Information’ link is selected
  • Modal title and informational text within the modal when selecting the ‘Request for Fee Assistance’ checkbox
  • Text for the CCYH notification: ‘Request Received for Child Care in Your Home Fee Assistance’
  • Text for the CCYH Notification: ‘Offer Accepted Confirmation’
2.3 19 November 2022


Fee Assistance_ReleaseNotes_2.3

  • Part-time student displays as a spouse employment type on the household profile when the family selects "student."
  • Active Duty Coast Guard members can identify themselves as Active Duty Military with a branch of Coast Guard when they are completing their household profile.
  • MCCYN will only show if the family is searching for care within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • Information about the MCCYN program was removed from the reconfirm notification and reminder emails.
  • Fee Assistance Registration-related features:
    • The Fee Assistance Team can set a registration end date on a registration where there are active enrollments for the child(ren).
    • The sort order of filters on the Registration List View has been updated.
    • The status for the registration record has changed from a status of 'Active – In Renewal' to ‘Active’ when a family answers 'No' on the Intent to Renew modal.
    • The MCCYN registration text has been updated to add clarity to the family on what they need to do to complete their registration and any documents they need to upload.
2.2.4 5 October 2022 MCC_ReleaseNotes_2.2.4
  • Program-level Anticipated Placement Time (PL-APT) messaging launched
  • Fee Assistance Request and Offer Process Report added for installation users
2.2.3 15 August 2022 MCC_ProgramReleaseNotes_2.2.3
  • MCC program users will now log in to MCC through the Military Children, Youth and Family Joint Application Suite (JAS) Launchpad. MCC can be accessed by selecting the tile.
  • The MCC Program site header has been updated so that logged in users can access the MCC homepages, return to the JAS Launchpad, update their contact information, and access MCC Central.
  • The MCC Family site header has been updated to include a link to the MCC Public Site.
2.2.3 15 August 2022 FeeAssistance_ProgramReleaseNotes_2.2.3
  • Two new Fee Assistance Offer Process reports have been added: The ‘Fee Assistance Offer Process Report’ and ‘The ‘Children in the Fee Assistance Offer Process Report.’
  • Several updates to support MCCYN programs with registration managed in MCC. The Effective Date modal will appear for the Fee Assistance Team in the Registration Record. 15 April 2022 Program Release Notes
  • Space Force was added as a household branch
  • MCCYN requests not in a Capacity Zone are grouped under “Undefined”
  • Fee assistance eligibility exception icon was added to MCCYN/EFMP Make Offer and MCCYN/EFMP Placement List
  • Installation eligibility exception icon was added to View Waitlist, Make Offer, and Placement List
  • New OSD Unmet Need Reports
2.2.2 14 February 2022 Program Release Notes 2.2.2
  • Families eligible for Air Force MCCYN can now search for, request, and manage their requests for Air Force MCCYN in MCC.
  • Families who meet the requirements of the Air Reserve Technician mission exception may request Air Force MCCYN during the search process.
  • An onscreen tooltip has been added to Household Profile sponsor type list clarifying that Air Reserve Technicians should select DoD Civilian.
  • Offer acceptance notifications have been tailored for Air Force MCCYN.
  • A new page has been added to the MCC public site to provide information about the Air Force MCCYN program. 31 January 2022 Program Release Notes
  • The Program and Care Option report has been updated. 15 January 2022  
  • A new tile for the Defense Department School Liaison Program has been added to the MCC home page.
2.2 4 December 2021 Program Release Notes 2.2
  • The Offer Process and the Children in the Offer Process reports have been updated
  • Changes were made to Find Care that allow families to easily search by installation or address
  • A new quick-text identifier is shown on the Placement List when the offer made was an AVO offer
  • "Make Offer" and "Request Interview" buttons have been added to the top of the Make Offer/Request Interview screen.
  • Text changes have been made within the Where Children Receive Care function
  • The Applied APT report has been taken offline to conduct some additional analysis on the data. 8 September 2021 Program Release Notes
  • Unmet Need and Associated Fee Assistance Offer Report
  • Children with Unmet Need and Associated Fee Assistance Offer Report
  • Immediate Need and Associated Fee Assistance Offer Report
  • Children with Immediate Need and Associated Fee Assistance Offer Report 19 August 2021 Program Release Notes
  • The 24/7 and Extended Care Demand Report is available.
  • Families will be allowed to enter a comment about the care their child is receiving regardless of which option is selected.
  • The list of reasons for provider long-term closure has been updated. The complete list of reasons includes: Personal Leave, Certification Suspended, and Provider PCSing 1 June 2021 Program Release Notes
  • Anticipated Placement Time (APT) has been redesigned to inform supplanting decisions.
  • MCC has been updated to include the In-Home Care Fee Assistance Pilot program.
  • To comply with a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) requirement to report demand for 24/7 and extended care at military installations where these non-traditional mission-related services are not currently offered, MCC has been updated to capture families’ interest in 24/7 and extended care during the search for care process.
2.1.3 6 March 2021 Program Release Notes 2.1.3
  • The Where Children with Unmet Need are Receiving Care Report is back online.
  • A new report, Where Children with Unmet Need are Receiving Care by Child Report, is now available.
  • A 6-month renewal process for Active Duty Combat-Related Wounded Warrior (CRWW) has been enabled so that Commander approval for eligibility can be obtained every six months.
  • Several updates to MCCYN that allow MCCYN eligible families to take actions independently in MCC.
2.1.2 14 November 2020 Program Release Notes 2.1.2
  • Revised 90-Day Need Rule
  • Manual Management of Needs
2.1.1 17 October 2020 Program Release Notes 2.1.1
  • A new permission to allow select program users to backdate the Request for Care (RFC) date when adding a request for a child who was supplanted
  • Updates to the View Waitlist Filter and View Waitlist Results
  • Updates to allow the Program and Care Option Report to be run by users with the appropriate AOR at the Branch and Region as well as the Installation and Program levels
  • Ability for Navy and USMC households with a fee assistance request to see that request and any associated offer on their My Child Care page
2.1.0 1 September 2020 Program Release Notes 2.1.0
  • Military family types and priorities updated to comply with the Office of the Secretary of Defense February 2020 memo
  • Families required to agree to a standard acknowledgement statement and select families agree to other statements based on the family type
  • New Priority Guidance page temporarily available that displays guidance on the new priority policy changes
  • Update to support the approval of the revised Active Duty Combat-Related Wounded Warrior status
  • Update to track new requests for care that have been created due to a family being supplanted from care
  • Updates to existing reports to comply with new priority framework
  • Addition of two new reports for installation level users and above
  • Update to collect decline offer reason for facility-based programs
  • Updates to the display and functionality of the View Waitlist
2.0.11 5 August 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.11
  • Household Profiles set to "in process" if working status is needed, and reconfirm cycle implemented
  • Additional School Year Care care offering "Alternative School Day Care" added
2.0.10 1 July 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.10
  • The reconfirm process has been turned on and families that are 45 days from the Date Care Needed (DCN) or 60 days after DCN have been placed into a reconfirm cycle.
  • The system will collect information on where children are currently receiving care for applicable care types.
  • When reconfirming care, a family or program user on behalf of a family will be prompted to select or update where the child is receiving care for applicable care types.
  • The Where Children with Unmet Need are Receiving Care Report has been taken offline to conduct some additional analysis on the data.
2.0.9 19 June 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.9
  • Families can update their summer camp requests to include weeks previously declined or expired that can still be offered
  • When the start or end date is changed for a summer camp care option, all families who placed a request prior to the date change will receive a system generated message
  • Once an offer is made for any request associated to the summer camp care option, the schedule cannot be changed
2.0.8 18 May 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.8
  • Families will now indicate where their child is currently receiving care
  • A new report, Where Children with Unmet Need Are Receiving Care, is now available
  • An offer will remain visible on the family's My Child Care page and the Manage Care tab when it is accepted until a program user completes the offer
  • Text was added to the Care Option Setup to further explain the care option Effective Date
2.0.7 9 May 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.7
  • Families will now indicate in their household whether the sponsor and/or spouse is working full-time or part-time
  • Users with appropriate permissions can now generate the Children with Immediate Need and Children with Unmet Needs for region and branch
HF 2020-08 7 Mar 2020 Program Release Notes 7 March 2020
  • Adjustments to the custom age range so only children up to the end month, and not through, are returned when describing space during the offer process
  • Updates to text contained on the Search for Care screens to clarify what it means when a family indicates they will provide transportation
  • Updates to the Summer Camp offer notification to include only the weeks included in the current offer, not weeks previously offered to the child
2.0.2 29 Feb 2020 Program Release Notes 2.0.2
  • New functionality for Children on the Cusp of the next age group or age range
  • Various updates to the Make Offer Workflow
  • 2 new reports: Children with Immediate Needs at Multiple Installations and Children with Unmet Needs at Multiple Installations
  • Updates to text contained on the Search for Care screens
  • Updates to text contained in reconfirm notifications
  • IE, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox users will no longer receive a certification warning when accessing MilitaryChildCare.com