Prepare for MCC 2.0

The next version of (MCC), referred to as MCC 2.0, will launch in early 2019. Updates will include a streamlined way for families to request care and a new way program users can view and manage these requests. To help you prepare for the launch of MCC 2.0, this page will share the latest news on the launch as well as key resources to help support a successful transition.

MCC 2.0 Webinar Series

To support the transition to MCC 2.0, a three-part webinar series will be offered. The three webinars included in the series are:

  1. Webinar 1: Getting Ready for MCC 2.0
  2. Webinar 2: MCC 2.0 Data Validation (for MCC Coordinators)
  3. Webinar 3: Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials

Webinar 1: Getting Ready for MCC 2.0

Training materials and a recording from Webinar 1: “Getting Ready for MCC 2.0” are now available.

  1. Webinar Recording: Getting Ready for MCC 2.0:

  2. PowerPoint Presentation: Getting Ready for MCC 2.0 Webinar:

  3. MCC 2.0 Key Actions and Timelines Cheat Sheet:

MCC 2.0 Outreach Materials

MCC 2.0 Family Flyer

The MCC 2.0 Family Flyer provides an overview of what families can expect to see when MCC. 2.0 launches. Click the link here: to download and print the MCC 2.0 Family Flyer to share with families.