Prepare for MCC 2.0

MCC 2.0 is Live!

The next version of (MCC), referred to as MCC 2.0, launched on 17 July 2019. This page shares key resources to help support a successful transition.

MCC 2.0 Training Plan

To ensure you have all the information you need to use MCC 2.0 successfully, please read the details below for the MCC 2.0 training plan. The training plan has three components:

  1. Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials (for program users)
  2. FCC Provider Training Plan
  3. Other MCC 2.0 Training Materials on the revised MCC Central Training Center

1. Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials Webinar

PowerPoint materials and recordings of webinar 3: “Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials” are now available. This webinar is designed for program users who want to understand what to expect on day of using MCC 2.0. Four different types of webinars were conducted as listed below. 

Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials Webinar (CDC and 24/7)

Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials Webinar (SAC)

Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials Webinar (FCC Staff)

Using MCC 2.0: Day 1 Essentials Webinar (R&R/PCS)

2. FCC Provider Training Plan  

A course specific to FCC providers has been developed.There are two versions of the course: one tailored for Army and USMC FCC providers and the second tailored for Navy and Air Force FCC providers. The course will help FCC providers learn about the key changes made to MCC 2.0, the family's experience with MCC 2.0, and essential information they need to perform day-to-day actions in MCC 2.0.

Providers should either individually complete the training course on MCC Central or participate in a group training organized by installation staff, using the course content from MCC Central as the foundation. For additional information and recommendations, download the MCC 2.0 FCC Provider Training Plan

If interviews were scheduled prior to the stoppage period, but offers need to be made in MCC 2.0, refer to the FCC Interview & Offer Process: MCC 2.0 Transition Actions 

3. Other MCC 2.0 Training Materials

You can extend your learning beyond the Day 1 Essentials webinar and/or provider training course by reviewing other training materials on the MCC Central Training Center, including HTML reference guides, videos, and resources. 

MCC 2.0 Family Flyer

The MCC 2.0 Family Flyer provides an overview of what families can expect to see in MCC 2.0. Click the link here: to download and print the MCC 2.0 Family Flyer to share with families.