Course Overview: MCC 2.1 - Updates to DoD Priorities (MCC) was updated to comply with the 21 February 2020 Office of the Secretary of Defense priority policy change. Complete this course to learn more about the key changes, including:

  1. DoD Priority Changes: DoD priority changes to clarify when military families will receive priority access to child care and provide information about supplanting lower priority families with children in care
  2. Active Duty Combat-Related Wounded Warrior: Changes to the eligibility criteria for Active Duty Combat-Related Wounded Warrior resulted in a new approval process that must be completed before an offer or interview request can be made to a family with this designation
  3. Acknowledgement Statements: All families must now agree to standard acknowledgement statements when completing their Household Profile and select families must agree to other statements based on their family type
  4. How Supplanted Families Reapply for Care: A process has been established to allow families who have been supplanted from care to re-request care in MCC with an earlier RFC date
  5. Decline Reasons: Addition of decline offer reasons for facility-based programs
  6. View Waitlist: Updates to the View Waitlist, which provides a comprehensive view of children with requests
  7. Reports: Updates to existing reports and the addition of new reports
Last revised: 28 Aug 2020

Course: MCC 2.1: Updates to DoD Priorities