Make Offer or Request Interview


Making offers in MCC starts with describing the space you have available. While the steps vary for each program type, the overall process is the same, as described next.

From the My MCC Dashboard, select the Make Offer or Request Interview button and complete the following steps.

  1. Describe the space you have available.
    • Basic information is typically prepopulated - Branch of Service, region, installation, and program. You will enter the remaining details such as care option, age group/custom age range, the number of spaces you need to fill, and the date care is available.
    • Based on the details entered, the system generates a list of all requests that qualify for the space, sequenced based on the family’s priority and RFC date.
    • The describe space process for the care options available at each program type can be accessed with the program type links at the bottom of this page.
  2. Review the requests on the Make Offer/Request Interview page and identify any associated icons to determine if action is needed before making an offer or requesting an interview. Refer to Tips for Managing Placement Activities for a detailed description of each icon.
  3. Select one or more requests on the Make Offer/Request Interview page.
    • For FCC providers, additional steps, including scheduling and holding the interview must occur before making an offer.
    • All program users must make offers in sequence order unless there is an approved exception. Making offers in sequence ensures that you offer care to the highest priority, mission-critical families first, in accordance with DoD policy. Review Make Out-of-Sequence Offers to learn more about when you can make out-of-sequence offers and how to do it. For more information on how children are prioritized for child care, review Who is Eligible for Military Child Care?
  4. Review and submit the offer/interview request.
  5. Call the family to follow-up on the offer/interview request.
Describe Space

Making offers in MCC starts with describing the space you have available. From the dashboard, select the Make Offer or Request Interview button and complete the fields on the page as described next.

  1. Select the appropriate care option from the Care Option drop-down menu.
  2. Select the appropriate Age Group or enter a Custom Age Range.
    • You can select the age group(s) eligible for your space, or
    • You can set a custom age range within an age group or across age groups. When describing the space with a custom age range the Make Offer/Request Interview list will include children up to, but not through, the age selected at the end of the range. For example, selecting 12-18 months will return any child is up to, but not yet, 18 months old (i.e., through 17 months and 30/31 days old). You can create custom age ranges in 6-month increments (e.g., 18-24 months, 18-36 months, 48-60 months [or 4 -5 years]).
    • For certain FCC care options (e.g., flexible care), you may want to have a broader age range or select multiple age groups because you need to consider the family’s schedule needs in addition to the child’s age.
  3. Enter the Number of Spaces you have available.
    • The number of spaces you have available appears at the top of the Make Offer/Request Interview page. This serves as a guide to help you quickly track the total number of spaces available against the number of offers you plan to make. Note: The number of spaces you enter does not limit the number of requests that appear on the Make Offer/Request Interview page or the number of offers/interview requests you can make.
  4. Select the Date Care Available.
    • Enter the current date or a future date as the date care available. If you select a future date, it must (a) be within 60 calendar days of the day you make the offer, and (b) fall within the start and end date of the care option.
    • For non-continuous care options (e.g., VPK) that have not started, the Date Care Available will default to the care option’s start date and cannot be changed. If the start date has already passed, you can enter any date between the start and end date of the care option as long as it is not more than 60 calendar days from the offer date.
  5. Select the Next button to generate the list of requests that match the criteria you entered.
Make Offer or Request Interview

Once you describe the space in MCC, the system generates the Make Offer or Request Interview page that displays all requests that qualify for the space. If you need to modify the details used to describe the space, select the Update link to return to the Describe Space page. Otherwise, select one or more requests (in the order they appear on the list) based on the number of spaces available and then select the Make Offer or Request Interview button.

Make Offer screen with first 2 requests selected

In some instances, there may be requests on the Make Offer/Request Interview list with a DCN after the date care available you entered when describing the space. The system applies sequencing rules across all Services, so the children are in the order they should be served. If the family sequenced first has a DCN after the DCA, make them an early offer. The family has the choice of (a) accepting the offer and starting the enrollment process for the date care is available; (b) waiting to receive an offer for care that is on or after their DCN; or (c) declining the offer and being removed from the waitlist.


Because FCC has restrictions on how many children under two years old can be in mixed age groups, when describing the space, you can use the Custom Age Range to restrict the child’s age to under two years old or over two years.

After describing the space, the Request Interview page displays all requests that qualify for the space, whether the family requested a specific FCC provider home, or requested all FCC providers who provide the care they need within a specific search radius.


Review the list for accuracy, and then either select (a) the Submit button to confirm the offers or interview requests, or (b) the Cancel link to return to the Make Offer/Request Interview page. Once you select the Submit button, the system sends an offer notification or an interview request to the family, updates the family’s My MCC Dashboard with the information, and opens the placement list. If you sent the family a request for an interview, you need to contact the family within two days of the request being sent (excluding holidays and weekends) to manage the interview, including (a) scheduling the interview, (b) accepting or declining the interview on the family’s behalf, and (c) holding the interview and deciding whether to make an offer. Review Manage Interview for more information on this topic.


Once you make the offer in MCC, call the family to notify them that space is available. This step expedites the enrollment process and provides the family with important one-on-one customer service and a personal introduction to your program. Note: You can access the family’s contact information by accessing the household via the Find Household link or locating the child on the Placement List page.

During the call, you should:

  1. Verbally confirm the sponsor’s eligibility and spouse’s status. If the eligibility or status information is incorrect, see the Manage Enrollment topic for instructions on how to update the information and recheck the request sequence.
  2. Inform the family about the response timeline of two days, excluding weekends and holidays.
  3. Assess if the family is ready to accept or decline the offer or interview request at that time. If they have made a decision, encourage them to respond immediately via MCC. If not, they still have two days to respond and reconfirm other requests, as needed.
  4. Answer questions the family has on how to respond and reconfirm other active requests, if needed.
  5. Document your phone call attempt and the conversation with the family in the Comments section. Review View and Add Comments or IAT Notes for instructions on adding a comment.

Select the appropriate program type link in the bottom navigation bar below to learn how to make an offer for each program type.

Last revised: 25 Aug 2021