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Complete School Information


The School Information tab is where you list the schools your program serves and set the school year calendar. You must complete this tab if you provide school year care (e.g., before/after school, seasonal camp, school out days). Once you complete the School Information tab, you may then set up and save your school year care options via the Care Options tab. If you do not offer school year care, leave this tab blank and move on to complete the Care Options tab.

School information tab

Schools Served

If you offer school year care, you must enter the schools you serve in this section, so that when a family searches for school year care, and indicates they need transportation, programs and providers that serve the school the family needs will display on the search. If a family indicates they do not need transportation, program or provider profiles in the search radius will display in the search results. You will be able to select the schools you serve from MCC’s list of schools when you set up your school year care option.

The Schools Served summary screen shows all schools saved to your program profile. You can add a new school served, edit the transportation options, or remove a school if you no longer serve that school. To add a school, from the School Information tab, select the arrow to expand the Schools Served section.

  1. Select the Add School button.
  2. Type the school name or address in the Search field to find the school you serve. The system will display the matching schools from the master school list.
  3. Select the school from the list and MCC will automatically complete the school’s information. Note: If your school is not on the list, or you think the school’s information is incorrect, complete the Add or Update School Information Form and submit it to the Support Desk.
  4. Select the transportation option that your program offers to and from the school. This information displays to families in their search results so they do not have to worry about transportation specifically for before and after school care.
    • The school’s bus transports children to and from our program.
    • Our program provides a bus to transport children to and from the school.
    • The school is within walking distance of our program and an employee of our program walks the children to and from school.
    • The school bus stops in the community and an employee of our program meets the children at the bus stop.
    • The school’s bus stops in the community and our program provides a bus to transport children to and from the bus stop.

School information tab showing school transportation options.

School Year Setup

Enter the school year start and end dates in the School Year Setup section. All programs that offer School Year Care, including Seasonal Camps and School Out Days, should enter their upcoming school year in MCC as soon as the school year’s start and end dates are available. While this information is not required for families to place a request for the next school year, it must be entered before program users can make offers.

  1. Select the Add School Year button. The Add School Year window will open.
  2. Enter the School Year, using a four-digit year format (i.e., 2018 - 2019).
  3. Select the calendar icon to set the Start Date and End Date. Programs serving multiple school districts with different school calendars should enter the earliest start day at any of the districts as the Start Date, and the latest end day as the End Date. For example, if one school district starts school on 15 August and another school district starts on 22 August, then enter 15 August into MCC.
  4. Select the Save button to save the school year and close the window.

Add School Year window with school year and start and end dates populated

The School Year summary screen shows up to three school years entered in the program profile. As needed, edit the school year (i.e., school year is extended due to excess closures, incorrect school entry), or delete a duplicate.

Last revised: 2 Mar 2020