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MCC Central is a centralized location for all MCC resources. These resources include training on how to use MCC, templates to conduct command briefs, and marketing and public affairs toolkits.

This topic provides instructions on how to log in to MCC Central, a summary of the resources available on MCC Central, and instructions on how to manage MCC Central notifications so you can stay informed about new or updated resources.


Once you have an MCC account, you are automatically given access to MCC Central. To access MCC Central, log in to the Program View of MCC, select the MCC Central button on the top of the screen, and then select the OK button to acknowledge the disclaimer about entering a third-party site.

MCC Program View with MCC Central button highlighted

Organization of Resources

On the MCC Central home page, you will find:

  • Announcements, which help keep you informed about updates to MCC.
  • Search field, which helps you locate resources based on key words. The search results will include any MCC Central pages that include the key words and any downloadable documents whose titles include the key words.  
  • Menu, which helps you navigate to different resources on MCC Central. You can also navigate to different resources on MCC Central through a set of quick links at the bottom of the page or the two “learn more” links next to the image on the page.

The key resources on MCC Central include the Training Center and the Brand Portal. Review the information below to learn more about these resources.

MCC Central home page with the main menu expanded

Training Center

The Training Center includes training courses, a reference guide, video library, webinars, glossary, and resources that will support your use of MCC. Each component is described in more detail below.

MCC Central Training Center


Training courses address specific topics to strengthen your understanding of key MCC processes and functionality. To view a training course, select the course title or Start Course button. After you review a training course in its entirety, you can print a certificate of completion.

Training course component of the Training Center


The reference guide integrates step-by-step instructions for using MCC with policies and procedures that guide your daily work. To get the most out of the reference guide, use it while you are working directly in MCC.

The reference guide is organized into sections, topics, and sub-topics. Some topics or sub-topics in the reference guide are specific to a program type (e.g., CDC). This helps you quickly access the information you need.

Each section of the reference guide has an Explore button. Select the Explore button to view all topics and sub-topics within a section.

MCC Central reference guide with Explore button highlighted and pointing to a list of topics and sub-topics

You can also select the View All link at the bottom of the reference guide to view a comprehensive list of all sections, topics, and sub-topics.

MCC Central reference guide with All Topics button highlighted and pointing to a comprehensive list of topics

You can print information under the Read tab of each topic by selecting the Print icon at the top right of each page. This will open a printable version of the page, where you can right click and select print. You can also download and print entire sections of the reference guide in the resources component, which is located in the Tools menu at the top of every page in the Training Center.

MCC Central reference guide topic page with Print icon highlighted

You can select the screen shots and graphics on the Read tab to view them in a bigger size.

MCC Central reference guide topic page showing an enlarged image


The video library contains videos on specific topics, including demonstrations of system functionality or general overview information about MCC. To view a list of all videos, select the All Videos link from the Training Center home page.

Video library


The glossary defines terms and acronyms commonly found in MCC. The glossary can be accessed in the Tools menu which is located at the top of every page in the Training Center. Key terms and acronyms are also underlined in the reference guide. When you see a term highlighted in the reference guide, hover over the term with your mouse for quick access to glossary information (e.g., definition and full term or acronym).

Reference guide topic page with the term MCC underlined and the definition showing

The resources component contains downloadable and printable content, such as tip sheets, checklists, logos, and program content standard text to supplement the information in the reference guide and provide you with the information you need to complete and maintain your program profile. You can access resources from the Tools menu or via links within the reference guide. You can also download and print all sections of the reference guide in the resources component.

List of resources

Brand Portal

If you are responsible for promoting the use of MCC on your installation or briefing installation leadership about MCC, the brand portal offers several resources to support your work. These resources include:

  • Professionally designed outreach materials such as brochures, posters, fliers, movie theater ads, and web banners, to help inform families about MCC.
  • Service-specific marketing and public affairs toolkits that will help you promote MCC on your installation. These toolkits may include press release templates, sample article templates, social media tips and sample posts, and sample public service announcements.
  • Logos and business communication materials including PowerPoint, letterhead, and memo templates.
    MCC Central Brand Portal
MCC Central Updates

You can be informed of new and updated material posted to MCC Central automatically and/or by visiting the What’s New page.


The What’s New page is linked in the main menu as well as the footer and includes MCC system release notes, a list of currently known MCC system issues, and a chart of new and/or updated training materials.

MCC Central main menu with What’s New link highlighted


To receive automatic MCC Central notifications of new or updated resources that are posted to the site, set your notification preferences. The first time you access MCC Central, you must set your notification preferences.

To set your notification preferences, enter an email that you check frequently and is easy to access. Next, select your notification preferences. At minimum, you should select training center updates at the frequency of your choice.

MCC Central notifications page

You can update notification preferences at any time by selecting the down arrow next to the Welcome! text and selecting Notifications from the drop-down menu. You can also stop notifications from MCC Central by selecting unsubscribe from the bottom of any MCC Central notification. (If you are off boarding staff from MCC, they can use either of these methods to stop receiving notifications from MCC Central.)

MCC Central Welcome menu with the Notification link highlighted


Log Out of MCC Central

To log out of MCC Central, select the down arrow next to the Welcome! text and then select Log Out from the drop-down menu. If you forget to log out, you will automatically be logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

MCC Central Welcome menu with the Log Out link highlighted

Last revised: 9 Mar 2020